Robert Mizzell entertaining the audience at the country music show in Ballymore.

Robert hopes for chance to join Garth Brooks at Croke Park gigs

Sarah Slevin

Mullingar based country music star Robert Mizzell has put the “feelers out” to see if he can join Garth Brooks on stage when he plays Croke Park.

Robert grew up in Louisiana in the US, and moved to Ireland almost 30 years ago to pursue a career in country music.

Now one of Ireland’s top artists, Robert has toured an played and gigs across the country, and he has his eyes set on supporting Garth Brooks.

The country music superstar has been granted a licence to play three concerts on September 9, 10 and 11, 2022 in Croke Park, and an application has been made for additional dates.

Robert has contacted Aiken Promotions, who are organising the gig, in the hopes of performing with his musical hero.

“I’m in the business 25 years, on the road, and I’m at a stage in my career where I’d love to do something like that,” Robert said.

“It would be a great notch in my handle if I was able to perform with him and show his crowd what I do. It would almost bring my journey in the country music industry full circle because Garth Brooks was one of the reasons I got started,” Robert told the Westmeath Examiner.

“I was doing a lot of Garth Brooks songs when I started my live shows and I just think it’s the right time for me. It’s a long shot, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!”

Although Robert has not met the country music icon, he has been at several of his gigs and has been a Brooks fan for years. “I saw him a few times in the ’90s and there was a great excitement around that time. I was only started out in country music, and I was amazed at the phenomenon that Garth Brooks brought with him,” Robert said.

“So many people bought into what he was doing, and the type of show he put on, it’s very lively, a spectacle really.

“All of his songs are well written and there’s a great story behind each – every song that is recorded is completely different to another one. As a recording artist, trying to find songs that stand out among the rest is sometimes difficult,” Robert said.

Robert moved to Mullingar for several reasons, but its central location and friendly people have made it a perfect home for him and his family, his wife Adele, their two children and two dogs.

“We’re in a place just outside Mullingar, Ballinagore, it’s a lovely town, nice and quiet with good neighbours,” Robert said.

Robert has not been able to perform on stage due to Covid-19 restrictions but has been working on a unique live performance.

“I’ve a new show coming out next year called the Nashville Song Book, which is going to be a big show, an audio-visual walk-through of the history of country music,” Robert said.

“Theatres are always looking for a different type of show and the Nashville Song Book is going to be that,” Robert said.

Robert’s most recent album is Postcard from Paris, which is out now, and you can keep up to date on his shows and his music at