1) An orange and two apples cost €1.30. An apple and two oranges cost €1.40. How much is an apple and how much is an orange?

Answer: Apple = 40c. Orange = 50c.

2) What is six times one third of half of three euros?

Answer: €3

3) You are able to drive on a motorway at a constant 120km/h. How long will it take (in minutes) to drive 30km?

Answer: 15 mins

4) An item costs €200 before VAT (at 23%). How much will it cost with VAT?

Answer: €246

5) Mary’s age is 4 times her daughter’s age. In 5 years’ time it will be 3 times her daughter’s age. How old is Mary Now?

Answer: Mary is 40

6) You pay €104.55 for an item and this price includes 23% VAT. What is the price before VAT?

Answer: €85

7) In a sale you can get 3 for the price of 2 or 30% off each item. If I want to get 3 items, which is better value?

Answer: 3 for the price of 2 (that is 66.6% of the price whereas one pays 70% of the price with 30% off)

8) The time your car passes two different points can be used to calculate your average speed to see if you have breached the speed limit. Suppose there are two cameras 30 km apart on a road with a speed limit of 100 kmh. If you pass the second camera 20 minutes after the first one have you cause to be concerned?

Answer: No, your average speed is 90kmh

9) My age is four times what it was four years ago minus twice what it will be in four years’ time. What’s my age?

Answer: 24

10) If it takes you 30 minutes to do 15 maths questions how long would it take you to do 10 questions?

Answer 20 mins