The mini roundabout at Blackhall in the centre of Mullingar.

Blackhall junction accident warning

The need for safety measures to prevent an accident at Joli, Blackhall, Mullingar, was highlighted by several members at the October meeting of Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad. Cllr Michael Dollard, who raised the issue, called for a white pole to stop vehicles colliding with a wall at that location.

“I’m not an engineer, but I have a bit of common sense – the next time I pass I hope to see a white pole,” he declared.

Cllr Emily Wallace claimed that there had been an accident at this location two weeks earlier, in the afternoon, and she did not “know how someone was not seriously injured”. She said there was “a 3’ lump gone out of the wall today”.

Cllr Andrew Duncan said this was “an accident waiting to happen”. He said that there was increased traffic using this route to the industrial estate and that someone was “going to be pinned by a truck”.

“Are we waiting for something to happen?” asked Cllr Ken Glynn. He said that this issue does not need debate, it needs action.

Cllr Aoife Davitt said a workable solution had to be found that protected the integrity of the building, but made the area safe.

Pat Keating, director of services, noted the concerns expressed and agreed that the council had to examine it to see if a practical solution could be found. “It is a constrained location,” he said.