St Feichin’s Church, Fore and the Ben of Fore framing the shining John Deeres, Masseys and New Hollands out for the harvest tractor run at the weekend.

Warm sunshine for Fore harvest tractor run

Warm sunshine bathed Gilsenan’s field, gate thrown open to provide a green parkland for the parish tractor run in Fore on Sunday.

This now annual event, organised by Rosemary Coffey from the Abbey House Public House, is growing every year and is part of the Collinstown Fore Parish Harvest celebrations.

It was a busy weekend for the Coffey family as they had a wedding on Friday and the whole family were home for the celebrations.

This is one of two harvest celebrations for the north Westmeath village – a pumpkin walk and Halloween disco are organised for next Sunday, also to help raise funds for the parish, and the two national schools, St Feichin’s and St Mary’s.

Traffic was heavy in Fore on Sunday!
Lorraine Ledwith and her daughter Niamh watching the tractors arrive in Fore.
Stewards Aoibhean and Karla watching the gate at the tractor run.
Rita Corrigan and her daughter Brigid at the tractor run in Fore.
James Riley and Elaine Caffrey with their baby daughter Sadie and Elaine's mam Kathleen.
Jamie Hamilton, Denise McDonald, Carla Alves, Amanda Fivey and Mia and Darcy Thompson and Cooper McDonald.
Veronica Kiernan with her mam Eilish Gavigan and Elisha Gavigan, Ava Gavigan, Ciara Gavigan and Pip the pup (Gavigan).
The Fore-men, David Nolan, James Gilsenan and Matt Kennedy, (Drumcree) enjoying a coffee at Ned's Forge.
Robert Murtagh, Alex Farnham, Bartle D'Arcy, Amy Manley and Billy, Danny and Sean Ginnell at the tractor run in Fore.
Beasie and her niece Mamie, home from England to celebrate a family wedding and help with the tractor run.