Ciara brings splash of colour to new library in Edgeworthstown

The first exhibition at the new library in Edgeworthstown is by local artist Ciara Tuite.

Currently a resident of the Abbey Road Studios in Athlone, sister to the Luan Gallery, and also based in west Kerry, working at Cill Rialaig, Ciara has been busy getting a body of work together to showcase in the new space.

“I am delighted to be exhibiting these works in my home town and even more honoured to be doing so in this great new library,” said Ciara.

“Libraries have always been important to me, they are where I got my first love of words. Every county, city and country I’ve lived in, the first thing I do is find out where the library is – it grounds me.

"They are places of sanctuary and silence yet full of stories and histories, and as a writer, they have been spaces of inspiration and quiet warm writing spots. This is such a great addition to the town.”

Ciara says her solo show, titled ‘Nostalgia’, is based on capturing memories on the canvas that are influenced by place – travel, nature and experiences.

Ciara in studio with her work, ‘Sanctuary of Beings’ – 150x150cm, acrylic, oil bar on canvas.

“The work is not so much about representation of a particular object or place but more about processing the feelings that are evoked by the memory of a place and time. I get to keep stories alive by throwing paint on a canvas, it’s a pleasure.”

Having lived among Aboriginal artists in the past, Ciara saw how stories can be preserved through abstract art.

“These paintings are an intuitive response to personal memories and stories. The artists in the Aboriginal community really knew how to paint their story. I guess this body of work is like a songline – I’m recording my journey through painting.

"Between the wilds of Kerry and the lowlands of Longford and everywhere past and present in between, places very much inform my practice.”

Ciara reminds us that her work is open to interpretation and she sees these paintings as living entities, each viewer continuing on the narrative through their openness and curiosity.

“They are like books, containing stories and full of mystery. There is no finality to them and I hope that people recognise some of the themes at play, sparking some memories of their own.”

Her approach to painting is unique and playful, building up layers of abstraction with vigour and poetic essence. “I work on the floor, table, or wall – the movement of the body around the canvas is important to have freedom of mark making and to be able to follow my instinct; body, mind and painting in sync.”

The show runs from December 10 to January 2022; the opening is at 6pm on December 10.

To find out more about Ciara you can follow her on @cicituite or check out or contact her at