Bressie to tell Angela Scanlon about creating an 'arse halo'!

This Saturday Angela Scanlon is back on RTÉ One with the penultimate episode of her entertainment show Angela Scanlon’s Ask Me Anything.

Former rugby player, chart topper and award-winning author Niall Breslin chats to Angela about creating an “arse halo” while mooning on the bus; his love of all things DIY; his mam’s cringe inducing nickname for him (Pet Lamb) and why he thinks the world is moving too fast for all of us.

Comedian and actor PJ Gallagher rides in on his Penny Farthing to tell Angela why he thinks Amy Huberman is like a ham sandwich; how he’s a “cranky old hoor” now that he’s 46; why he believes he and Louis Walsh were separated at birth, and his belief that if he eats too many chips he will in fact go bald!

Red headed warrior queen and singer Mary Coughlan catches up with her former stylist Angela and regales her with stories of her nude modelling career in Limerick; teaching Julia Roberts how to sing; her interest in Celtic spirituality and Shamanism and who’s in her Whatsapp group ‘Three Hairy Bitches’.

Angela will bring her unique mix of enthusiasm, wit and affectionate slagging to this one-hour show featuring surprises and unexpected revelations for the celebrity guests, as they all agree to be asked, absolutely anything.

Join Angela, PJ, Bressie and Mary on RTÉ One this Saturday at 9.10pm. The eight-part series concludes next Saturday December 11.