Lorraine Murphy.

The 8th of December

A poem by Lorraine Murphy, a member of the Inklings writing group.

Black Friday is nothing

For those who remember

The trip to Dublin

On the 8th of December


As children off school

We’d prepare for the day

The tae, soup and sangwiches

And at least a month’s pay


To Guineys and Boyer’s

After a scone and tea

Mammy wouldn’t last otherwise

On her dodgy knee


To Cleary’s and Roches

we’d get lost as we played

Then Hector Grays and the Kylemore

Where the best cakes were made


On up to Grafton Street

To take in the sights

Santy in Switzers

the windows, the lights.


Back down to Henry Street

to the bustling crowd

Last of the Cheeky Charlies

Wrapping paper two a pound


Christmas dinner in Arnotts

To admire our gains

as we took one last look

then returned to the train


Times change and rightly so

Progress must be allowed

Black Friday is great, but I’d rather the 8th

In the place Dubs know simply as


– Lorraine Murphy