Parents want schools to reopen but have mixed feelings

New research on schools reopening shows that parents have mixed feelings about their children going back to school amid the latest Covid surge.

The research, carried out by ParentsandBrands, asked parents to share their views on whether or not schools should reopen as well as what their main concerns were around reopening of primary and secondary schools.

Parents were asked “Do you think that schools should reopen in January?” 40% said yes, with 26% saying yes but with reservations, and a further 24% saying no.

Among the worries that parents cited were:

Safety concerns

Parents and kids struggling with homeschooling

Kids not yet being vaccinated

Mental health

Importance of education and a routine for kids

Living with COVID

Parents needing to work

Jill Holtz, co-founder of ParentsandBrands, said: “It’s definitely been a ‘hot topic’ with parents about whether or not schools should reopen. Balancing work with education is always tricky never mind in non-pandemic times, and the feedback we are getting from parents shows a mix of views. Parents who want schools to reopen because they feel education and routine are important were still saying so under caution. Only 13% of parents feel that it’s time we learned to live with COVID.”

Survey Highlights

Do you think that schools should reopen in January?

Yes, all schools should reopen 40.1%

I have reservations, but feel they all should 25.8%

No, I don't think they should reopen 24.1%

Only secondary schools should reopen 6.3%

Depends on the numbers 1.8%

Other 1.3%

Undecided 0.5%

Only primary schools should reopen 0.3%

Main concerns that parents had:

Education and routine important 28%

Wait until cases down or kids vaccinated 21%

Nervous or scared 19%

As long as it's safe 15%

Life has to go on 13%

Other 3%