‘With CBNNight I sleep through the night’


Nurse Britt Kristiansen, 55, had a hard time falling asleep due to chronic pains and menopause. But that is over now, she says. Thanks to CBNnight, a dietary supplement, she sleeps through the night every night.

Recently, Britt Kristiansen underwent discectomy surgery. Nevertheless, she has had trouble sleeping both before and after the operation. Equally due to chronic pains and menopause – a time where many women experience trouble sleeping.

Because sleep medicine is notoriously addictive, she has actively looked for an alternative remedy – with mixed success to follow. For example, she has tried muscle relaxants and sleep drops, but it wasn’t until she tried CBNnight that she experienced a full night of sleep.

“CBNnight helps me forget my pains and gives me that last thing I need to find inner peace in the evening and sleep at night. Sleep is so important for one’s body and health, and with CBNnight I sleep through the night every time,” says Britt.

CBNnight is a natural dietary supplement that is sleep-inducing and helps you fall asleep, sleep more heavily and feel recharged the next day. Just like a sleeping pill, but without any chemical nor addictive ingredients.

Sleep better naturally

CBNnight is best consumed orally before bedtime. After approximately 20 minutes, you start feeling naturally tired and feel like sleeping.

“Within half an hour of taking a few drops of CBNnight I feel heavy and relaxed in my body and then I fall asleep. I get a more calm and heavy sleep, which I didn’t before when I was constantly twisting and turning, and I feel better rested and more relaxed in my body, when I wake up the next morning,” says Britt.

The relaxing and sleep-inducing effect of CBNnight is caused by the unique combination of terpenes and CBN-oil from the cannabis indica plant.

Cannabis is a natural treasure

For approximately 20 years, Britt Kristiansen worked as a nurse in the department of oncology at Odense Hospital, Denmark. There she experienced firsthand how patients benefited from different cannabis products. As a result, she had no doubt of the potential of cannabis and that it was worth trying.

“I saw how many cancer patients benefited from it. Both when they had to sleep but also to alleviate pains. After having seen how well it worked, I thought, if it could help me reduce my daily dose of regular medicine, then that’s what I want to do. Because one becomes so addicted to sleeping medicine,” says Britt.

“By now, I’ve taken CBNnight for a couple of months and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. So, I recommend CBNnight to everyone I know struggling with the same issues as I.”

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