Traffic backed up at the Dublin Bridge in Mullingar (the photo was taken a few months ago - look at the price of fuel at Millie's).

'Poor driving', not traffic lights the problem at Dublin Bridge

Bad and inexperienced drivers, not the traffic lights, are the problem at the Dublin Bridge in Mullingar, county councillors were told.

A filter light at the bridge to let westbound traffic turn to the Delvin Road safely would improve the junction, the councillors maintain.

Cllr Andrew Duncan haraised the matter at the April meeting of the Mullingar Kinnegad Municipal District, and was told it would be referred to the traffic light maintenance contractor to examine and evaluate the implications for the operation of the junction.

Other councillors supported Cllr Duncan’s request. They were told that the situation would be examined, but that the biggest problem there was bad and inexperienced drivers.

Cllr Duncan also raised the matter of the Dublin Road, Ardmore Road roundabout, where he claimed pedestrians are almost being knocked over. At the same meeting, he called for a safety audit of the junction, saying that coming from the east, motorists hit a set of traffic lights and a couple of metres on there is the roundabout.

He was told that a pelican crossing was installed there a number of years ago. Active Travel funding has been allocated for the design and installation of a new junction layout to improve access and efficiency for all users.

Tenders are being prepared for the procurement of an engineering consultant to design the project.