Some of the 2022 Westmeath Bachelors.

The men who are aiming to impress the judges in Mullingar Arts Centre on Sunday

Denis Cronin

Denis Cronin also known as The Dinny Cro Show is a 26-year-old social media manager who has many strings to his bow. Owner of digital marketing company Social Star, organiser of Miss Earth Ireland and someone with a fondness for public speaking, Denis always has a smile on his face. “I thought the competition would be a great way to make some new friends and have loads of craic in the process, and so far so good. All the other lads are A 1 and I can’t wait until the final weekend now. I honestly don’t mind the whole competition side of it too much, as I’d be delighted for whoever wins because they are a great bunch. I do consider myself good craic all same, and I think that’s what the competition is about!” Photo: Gary McGivney

Andy Fox

Andy Fox is a Mullingar man who is not afraid of any challenge life has to offer, he travelled to the United States to qualify as a taxidermist. As well as working full-time in that, he helps on the family farm. “I’d describe myself as an outdoors person, and I go to the gym most evenings. I live at home with my Mam, Dad and sister on the farm, where I play a pivotal role. I’m always up for the craic and love socialising at the weekends with friends and meeting new people. I like country music and jiving. I’m always up for a bit of craic and a laugh. I entered the competition because I’ve been told by many that I tick all the boxes and have the personality! This is something I think I could excel at. I’m the original Bachelor, working for the family and somewhat of a home bird.” Photo: Gary McGivney

Paddy Geraghty

Paddy Geraghty never fails to crack a joke and make those around him laugh. Paddy, 26, is from Tyrrellspass, and works for Dublin City Council. “I’m quite sporty. I love to play GAA, I am an active member and player with my local hurling team St Bridget’s and our local football team, Tyrrellspass. I also play golf with the local society through the pub I work with and I have a passion for music and singing. Paddy also enjoys community work in the village, and volunteers in different ways at the annual St Patrick’s Day parade, summer fairs, sports days, Tidy Towns and GAA events. “I entered under false pretences as the Mother told me I’d win with no bother and with little competition, but clearly that was a biased opinion as I’m only one of a sound bunch of men. We will surely put on a show!” Photo: Gary McGivney

David Goodliffe

David is unique in this year’s selection as he was a Westmeath Bachelor in the 1990s too. He lives in Westcliff-on-Sea in England, where he is a novelist and works in the health service as part of a physio team in a ward for people over 75. He says he tries to give them a laugh and a reason to get out of bed every morning. “I won the Wild Card entry. Not sure if it was because I’m wild or because I’m a card? I’m 60 and took part 25 years ago so I’m the Big Brother of the group. In the song, the Westmeath Bachelor is 63, and I am 60 – I fit the profile best! Many people are afraid of being on their own when they are older, but I will show everyone there is plenty of fun to be had after 60. If I win I will wingwalk on the side of a plane at your summer festival and do what I can to raise the profile of Westmeath! I look forward to meeting everyone in Mullingar really soon, some for the first time, others as old friends.

Dermot Mullen

Dermot was initially entered in the competition by a friend. A Mullingar man, originally from Delvin, Dermot’s earlier career was in hospitality and he now works in aviation. He was recently elected to the Divisional Executive Committee (DEC) of the Forsa trade union. “I would love to be the next Westmeath Bachelor. I’m an outgoing, friendly, sincere person and with my job, I travel a lot. I would love to be the next ambassador to represent Westmeath locally and worldwide. It’s 20 years since the last competition and society and people’s views have changed. I would like to use this opportunity to help the community in every way and to help make the competition grow and grow. I would also really enjoy helping the great charities that are involved so that everyone can be a winner.” Photo credit Gary McGivney

Ben Mulligan

“I grew up in Mullingar, a town known for its music, so for me, music always played a big part in my life. I studied guitar for five years and in that time I formed my band Bobby and the Blunts and worked alongside another Mullingar based artist, Scally. Last year I moved to Dublin and have been working as a session musician and collaborating with other Dublin based bands. After I finished studying music, I decided to peruse another passion of mine, fashion. I’m studying fashion design and working as a stylist. I have a friendly, outgoing personality and I’m always up for new experiences, so when a friend of mine suggested entering the competition, I thought it would be a laugh so I signed up for it. Photo: Gary McGivney

Aaron Murphy

Aaron, 25 and from Dublin, is team leader of addiction services for the Peter McVerry Trust. He signed up for the Westmeath Bachelor because: “I’ve seen first-hand the excitement it has brought to the community and in general to anyone and everyone I get to speak to about the competition. It was a shame it couldn’t go ahead in 2020 so I suppose this is a bit of unfinished business and also an excuse to get suited and booted with the lads. I do a fair amount of volunteer work, and when I get time away from that, you’ll usually find me on the next flight out of Dublin Airport. I love a bit of country music so you’ll probably find me on May 1 doing my signature dad dancing front and centre to a few Nathan Carter tunes!” Photo: Gary McGivney

Bryan Murphy

A born entertainer, Bryan, 25, is from a farming background and he has a love of music and entertainment. He has worked as a farmer and attended Limerick Agricultural College – and he recently decided to follow his passion in music. He now spends his time immersed in song writing, gigging and entertaining. He is working on his new website and the future is looking bright. “I entered because I thought that it’s a great competition, that I’d truly enjoy it. Plus it will be great craic after nearly two years of isolation in society and I suppose I thought I’d a good a chance as any of winning. I look forward to meeting new people, getting to know them and to enjoying the whole experience. That’s what it’s all about.” Photo: Gary McGivney

Kieran Nolan

A Westmeath man and a true example of not letting life get in the way of your goals and dreams, Kieran is a true inspiration. Born with a hearing impairment, he has never let that stop him from living life to the full and smashing goals some of us only dream about. An avid athlete, running a marathon is a common occurrence for Kieran and he has the medals and accolades to prove it. Asked why he entered the competition he responded: “I’m looking forward to singing with sign language and to showing the audience a new conception of entertainment. I entered the competition to meet new people, to make new friends and to show my talents on stage; to start a new life and maybe find a new love!” Kieran is going to steal the hearts of all who see him!

Rob O’Reilly

Rob, 34, is from Enfield. He works for an airline as a cabin manager and is also cabin crew training instructor. When he is not traveling for his day job or in the classroom, Robert is busy as a volunteer within the credit union movement. He is chairperson of Enfield Credit Union and of the ILCU National Youth Committee. He is studying for a BA in Business Management part time with the National College of Ireland. Robert enjoys all types of music and is looking forward to seeing Nathan Carter play over the Bachelor Competition weekend as he is a big fan. “I’ve entered the Westmeath Bachelor as I like the modern, all-inclusive approach it’s taking. I believe I have the personality and charisma to win the title of Westmeath Bachelor 2022 and to take the title to an international level.” Photo: Gary McGivney

Ash Patil

Aishan Patil, 26, is originally from Sligo and is now living in Dundee. Ash is a trainee vascular surgeon, and he also writes and produces his own music. “I believe I represent what’s so great about Ireland – doing my bit to make the world a better place while still able to have a laugh at my own expense. I care for the sick in my day job and I enjoy hiking, making music and chilling with mates after hours. My parents both remain in Ireland, and it was them who made me aware of the Westmeath Bachelor Festival and it was something from the get-go I felt I had to be a part of – the concept and the event as a whole, the line-up, the names in the music and media industry, and the chance to return home to promote both a beautiful part of our country as well as a worthy charity.”

Brian Sheehan

Brian is coming all the way from New York for the competition. “”It was my Mom’s idea. She grew up close to Mullingar and kept in touch with a couple of her childhood friends. They told her about the festival and she told me. It seemed like a fun and interesting experience so I couldn’t resist. I haven’t been in Ireland in almost seven years and this seemed like the perfect reason to go back and learn more about my culture and where my family came from. As the only one from America, I’ll be more of an ‘exotic’ choice, which I think will help me stand out a little more. I can also help bring the festival to an international level as I already have the connections of living in NY and I would love to see this grow to bigger and better levels.”

Photo by Gary McGivney

Kyle Smyth

Kyle, who owns and manages a local hardware shop, is known by many and liked by all. His name is synonymous with hard work, good craic and having a word for everyone. Kyle has run two marathons in the last year and he captained the winning team in the last Yopra Cup, in support of the charity Ella’s Journey. “I love all types of sports; watching, playing, discussing. I like all genres of music, well nearly all – sunny days at festivals are hard to beat. I love going to the gym, socialising, and planning the next adventure. Family and friends are the most important things in life! I’m fun, loving, a bit wild, pretty caring; I would say I’m just a generally nice sort of fella.” Photo: Gary McGivney