Charging points for EVs at Kinnegad considered

Charging points for electric vehicles are to be considered for Kinnegad as part of the Climate Action Plan for the county, but in the meantime, the ESB will be asked to consider putting them in, at the council car park.

This follows a request made by Cllr Emily Wallace at the April meeting of Mullingar Kinnegad Municipal District.

She welcomed the news, saying that this car park is busy and is an ideal location for commuters to recharge cars during the day.

Cllr Wallace also called for a street light at Millview estate in Milltownpass to shine on the footpath beside the main road.

She said it is dark stretch and the hedge is overgrown. She said there is a light 10 metres away and maybe a lantern could be linked into it.

Director of services, David Jones, agreed to look at the possibility of a link in. He also stated, in reply to another request from Cllr Wallace, that the environment section would consider providing extra lifts in the recycle bin collection schedule at Milltownpass NS.