Peter Doran performing at the Church Restaurant in Mullingar last Thursday. Photos: Conor English

Peter enjoys first Church gig

Peter Doran enjoyed what he thinks was probably the first music gig at the Church Restaurant in Mullingar, last Thursday.

The building was previously the Presbyterian church in the town, and the thought of performing there appealed to Peter, so he spoke to the owners and they agreed it was a good idea.

“The show was a great success,” Peter told the Westmeath Examiner. “We played underneath the stained glass window to a hushed and respectful audience. The atmosphere in the Church was beautiful.

“The audience were in high spirits and happy to be out together enjoying live music as a community of music lovers.

“The general feeling afterwards was that this should be the first of many musical evenings at the Church.”

Before the gig, Peter had said that in his more than two decades of performing music, he had played the bars and venues in Mullingar, his home town, many times, and he is always on the lookout for new places to sing. He was delighted, then, when Pat and Aidan at The Church Restaurant “were open and enthusiastic” about putting on a show there.