Caithriona Devine at the launch of her solo exhibition, ‘Deep Creations’, in the Atrium yesterday, Thursday evening.

‘Deep Creations’ exhibition by Caithriona Devine opens in the Atrium

‘Deep Creations’, a solo exhibition by Caithriona Devine in the Atrium opened last night and was a great success, with lots of red stickers (meaning the work was sold).

There was a great foot fall and the atmosphere was brilliant as the audience chatted and mingled and enjoyed wine and biscuit cake.

Arts officer Elizabeth Kerrigan opened the exhibition and spoke about the beautiful display of paintings and the creative hand.

Caithriona then welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming and thanked the Westmeath County Council for hosting the exhibition.

She spoke about art being a wonderful platform for artists to express themselves. (Caithriona gives adult art workshops and kids classes in Devine Art Studios, Crookedwood.)

Caithriona. with Angela and Olive Clarke
Mary McCormack, .Angela Algar and Ann McGowan
Caithriona with friends Niall and Kate Mulligan and Carmel, Julia and Gregory Mitchell.
Anna Savage, Andrea Burns, Eilish Orme, Meadhbh Orme and Caithriona.
Michael Mangan, Caroline Yeats, Kalla Mangan and Caithriona.
Trudy Maguire, Rose Wallace, Lily Wallace Graham and Shay Wallace Graham.
Louise Andrews and Keelin Rowan.