Sarah (right) and her sister Edel.

Join Sarah's canal walk for Tanzania tomorrow evening

Locals have been invited to join a Walk for Tanzania tomorrow from 6.30pm on the canal to raise funds for the charity Tanzanian Heavenly Homes.

Sarah Glennon from Coralstown has organised the 6.4km walk along the canal to raise funds for charity set up by Mullingar photographer, John McCauley.

“We wanted to do something where you could go, have a chat, bring your dog; something a bit more casual, and because I walk the canal I thought that would be a nice idea,” Sarah said.

Sarah (21), and her sister Edel plan to travel to Tanzania this summer, alongside John, to volunteer and help those less fortunate.

“We want to raise money ahead of going out to Tanzania in July when we are volunteering with the charity. We’ll be working with the older people there and the orphanage as well,” Sarah said.

Sarah said anyone can join in on the walk, and they will provide refreshments and a chat at the end.

“There’s plenty of parking, we’re starting at half six at the opening in Coralstown, opposite Mary Lynch’s pub and it’s expected to take about an hour and a half. Afterwards we’ll provide water bottles, bananas and Mars bars,” Sarah said.

Sarah added that there is no pressure to complete the entire 6.4km walk, and that “anyone” can come along to join in and donate to the cause.

You can also donate online.