Grant Thornton Business Voice Programme

Grant Thornton Ireland has launched the first Irish Business Voice Programme to support local businesses across Ireland navigate the challenges they face including the Covid-19 pandemic, the consequences of Brexit, and everything else in between.

The programme, launched with the support of local Chambers of Commerce, was established to support Irish businesses across all regions following the unprecedented and rapid change of landscape over the past year, and to unearth the pertinent issues, concerns, hurdles and needs of Irish businesses to return to an era of sustained growth.

To support the reinvigoration of rural and regional Ireland, the aim of the program is to address these issues and arm businesses with the right tools and advice to move to the next stage of their success, whatever that may be.

The programme has begun with a short survey underway to identify the obstacles and is available on the Grant Thornton website for any Irish business to complete.

Following the analysis of the data, Grant Thornton will reach out to all Irish businesses with proactive and actionable advice, in the form of publications, webinars and workshops, to move them into a new era of sustainable success.

Speaking about the programme Grant Thornton Ireland Managing Partner Michael McAteer said ‘Grant Thornton Ireland understands the vital role Irish businesses play in the Irish economy and the importance of the reinvigoration of regional Ireland. One lasting effect of the pandemic will be the shift we have seen in how we work, and how we have embraced remote working. A shift that has started and that will continue to see the move of people from cities to regional locations.

This new dynamic of how we work and operate should bring with it a rejuvenation of Irish regional businesses and we want to ensure that they have the tools and advice necessary to navigate any challenges, leverage new opportunities and to return to an era of success and growth.’

Businesses will be asked to complete the survey during the months of June and July, and once responses have been analysed there will follow a series of communications, webinars and events in the autumn and winter months.

Grant Thornton Ireland is encouraging all businesses in Ireland to take part, and have their voice heard, further information can be found at