Dionysus dancers performing at Mullingar Arts Centre last Friday.

Dionysus School of Dance end of year showcase 'reflects' on pandemic

Due to the pandemic hitting the arts and entertainment industry hard, it had been more than two years since Dionysus School of Dance performed on the Mullingar Arts Centre stage when they did so last Friday, June 3.

It was the first time ever for some of the students to perform in front of an audience.

Siobhán Moore, director of Dionysus School of Dance, said the inspiration for the show was the two years of lockdown.

The show was called ‘Reflection’ because many of the dances were inspired by events that occurred throughout lockdown.

Some of the dances represented how the world dealt with Covid, the restrictions, the frontline staff and all the emotions attached.

In the first half of the show, there was choreography that showed the virus spreading itself, the panic of doctors are nurses in the hospitals, school closures, postponed weddings and the loss of loved ones – but throughout the show the audience saw how life was starting to improve again and return to normality and happiness.

They could see the children painting rocks and hiding them throughout Mullingar, as part of the outdoor game – ‘Mullingar Rocks’.

They saw garden dances inspired by outdoor dance classes and outdoor Zoom calls and a beautiful dance called ‘Another Day of Sun’ reflecting positivity and happiness.

The projections reflected the dances in an artistic and modern fashion.

Siobhán Moore and her team of teachers are extremely proud of each of their students and look forward to another year of fun come September.