Mr Walsh and Donie Cassidy make a presentation to Patrick D’Arcy Senior Student of the Year.

Castlepollard Community College awards ceremony

The announcement that €3.4m has been allocated for nine new classrooms and a modern gym at Castlepollard Community College was made by Donie Cassidy, chairman of the Board of Management at the school’s annual award giving ceremony.

This is in addition to four new classrooms that are due to open in September, when it is hoped the attendance at the school will rise from just under 300 to 500.

Mr Cassidy recalled that when the school opened in 2006, it had 90 pupils and 10 staff, plus a principal. Now it has 282 students and 31 teachers plus an outstanding principal, Wayne Walsh, he said.

Forty four special awards were presented to students by Mr Walsh, teachers and board of management and parents association representatives, and Mr Walsh praised the students and teachers for their outstanding achievements.

The student of the year was Patrick D’Arcy and Leaving Cert Applied student of the year was Jack Buckley. Senior sports person of the year awards went to Jessie Ginnell and Darragh McCormack and junior sports person of the year awards went to Ryan Williams and Caoimhe McCormack. International student of the year was Maria Jiminez Valiente and the award for best attendance went to Jasmine Chen.

Other award winners were: junior engineering, Shane Brady; senior engineering, Matthew O’Reilly; junior materials technology, Joshua Butler; senior construction studies, Darragh McCormack; junior tech graphics, Callum Roddy; senior design and communication graphics, Matthew O’Reilly; home economics, junior, Martin Boyhan, and senior, Aaron McNamara.

Mergon science awards, junior, Killian Pierson, and senior, Sinéad Clarke; Junior art, Jessica Read Tugwell, and senior, Amy O’Reilly. Junior English, Caoimhe McCormack, and senior English and literacy, Patrick D’Arcy. Junior mathematics, Sean Óg Butler, and senior numeracy and mathematics, Patrick D’Arcy. Junior French/German, Sean Óg Butler; senior French, James Pierson; Irish, junior, Caoimhe McCormack and senior, Sinéad Clarke.

Business/enterprise, junior, Martin Boyhan, and senior, Clarissa Harmon; History, junior, Sean Óg Butler, senior, Ava Fagan; Geography, junior, Alex Mills and senior, Sinéad Clarke; LCVP, Sara Guinan; Music, junior Amy O’Keeffe, and senior, Ava Fagan.

The award for most improved student went to Rachel O’Neill and the drama, musical and performance arts award went to Claire Walshe. Best school ethos award was won by James Pierson; Misneach resilience award, Kevin Landers; student leadership, Sara Guinan; Special merit STEM awards, Clarissa Harmon, Ciara Earle, Sinéad Clarke, Jessie Ginnell, Ava Fagan, Rebecca Gurren and Aoife Gilchrist.

The special merit / verbal literacy croi/ Uisneach award went to Lee Quinn Smith. During the presentation singing and classical music interludes were provided by students Luke Smith, Kendra Fagan and Claire Walsh along with the school music and guitar club.