Expensive school books become obsolete too quickly, says frustrated mum

A local mother has voiced her frustration that none of the books used by her eldest child when she sat the Leaving Cert three years ago can be used by her youngest when she enters the senior cycle this year.

Speaking to the the Westmeath Examiner, the angry mother said that she spent over €500 on her eldest daughter's books when she started senior cycle, but expected that at least some of them could be passed on to her youngest.

However, although her eldest only sat the Leaving Cert in 2019 all of her books are now out of use.

“I kept all of my [eldest] daughter's books but not one of them is now suitable for my other daughter and they are doing six of the same subjects.”

The mother says that at a time when many families are struggling financially due to the cost of living crisis and people are being urged to consume less, more should be done by the Department of Education to ensure that expensive school books have a longer life span.

“My youngest daughter started junior cycle three years ago and we were able to give just one book to the son of a girl I work with and one book to a neighbour.”

Last year the average cost of kitting out a secondary school going child for the new year school year ahead was calculated at just under €1,500. Given the significant increase of the cost of living over the past 12 months, this figure is certain to rise this year.