Michael Farrelly will run the new SFDD office, formerly that of Tom Fox, in Kinnegad.

Sherry FitzGerald Davitt and Davitt expand to Kinnegad

Sherry FitzGerald Davitt and Davitt have acquired the Kinnegad firm Sherry FitzGerald Tom Fox, and Collinstown man Michael Farrelly has been appointed to run the office.

"Tom has retired, but he is staying on as a consultant with us here for a certain amount of time," says Michael.

Michael may be new to Kinnegad but he’s not new to the property game, and he’s excited at taking on east Westmeath.

"With the motorway and everything, it has become a commuter town for Dublin. The motorway has shifted several towns in this area that step closer to Dublin.

"You’d have a lot of people here living in Kinnegad that would be commuting to Dublin and also people from Rochfortbridge, Milltownpass and even down as far as Tyrrellspass; and then of course, north of here also – Killucan, Raharney and Rathwire.

"All of those areas have become very much part of the Dublin property catchment area, if you like."

While most people tend to think of auctioneers in terms of house sales, land sales and lettings will all be part of Michael’s remit – no trouble to this farmer’s son who actually cut his teeth in the field of livestock sales.

"At Sherry FitzGerald, we cover everything. The thing about the Sherry FitzGerald franchises is you have the benefit of the national brand and the national coverage, but also you have the local knowledge. The beauty of it is the combination of the two.

"The national brand provides you with the IT systems, the advertising, the coverage and the expertise and all sorts of business systems and stuff like that, whereas the person in the office on the ground is the one who will have the local knowledge, the local properties, the local business community and everything else. So it was an absolutely fantastic idea by Mark FitzGerald and Phillip Sherry when they came up with the franchise idea, and it’s really worked very well."

The acquisition of the Kinnegad office brings Sherry FitzGerald Davitt and Davitt’s network of offices to three. The main office is in Mullingar and the second is in Castlepollard.


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