Trish Devine from Mullingar with Eamon Dunne on Friday evening at Kerrigan's.

Dunne Cox family offer their thanks following fundraiser

The Dunne Cox family have added further the funds they have raised for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association following a successful event at Kerrigan’s on Friday evening.

Eamon, Fee and the extended Dunne Cox family have expressed their gratitude to everyone for the massive support shown on Friday.

“We would like to thank all businesses in Mullingar and the surrounding areas for their generous donations to the raffle and auction.

“We would also like to extend our thanks to Kerrigan’s for hosting the event and all businesses who donated to the running of the BBQ and the printing of the tickets and posters.

“We were blown away by peoples generosity on the night and in the fundraising undertaken for the mini marathon.”

Eamon’s speech on the night says it all: “Although I have been diagnosed with MND, which is a terrible diagnosis, I feel I am blessed and lucky in some respects to have received such massive support from my magnificent wife Fee, fantastic family, friends and the local communities.

The support we have received has reignited my belief in human nature and kindness.

MND is a thief, it takes from me all the time and continues to take on a daily basis, but it can never take away the feeling of love and support that I have experienced since I was diagnosed in March.

“One thing is for certain – the thief will never win.

“My advice to everyone here tonight is, whatever you want to do tomorrow, please consider doing it today, and live life to the full.

“Thanks again – Eamon.”

The fundraiser was a massive success and more than €45,000 (€23,000 on Friday night) has been raised and donated for motor neurone research, on Eamon’s requests.

Aideen Ginnell, Patrick Dunne and Catherine Cooney at Kerrigan's. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Deirdre Bane and Mary Lynam Dunne from Mullingar. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Sr Philomena and Linda Cunnane on Friday evening. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Natalie Kerrigan and Aideen Ginnell were on BBQ duty. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Margaret and Pat Forde at the fundraiser. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Tara Manning, Sarah McCormack, Justin Kerrigan and Amy Quirke. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Dilly Duffy, Jill Geoghegan and Yvonne Shaw in the beer garden at Kerrigan's. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Ruth McDermott, Sinead Williams, Louise Farrelly and Orla Gallagher at the MND fundraiser. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Tom Duffy and Aileen Wootton at Friday's BBQ. Photo by Thomas Gibbons
Trish Devine from Mullingar with Eamon Dunne. Photo by Thomas Gibbons