Mairéad on the 'Would Like To Meet' podcast cover.

Mullingar matchmaker shortlisted for the Irish Podcast Awards

Clodagh McKeon

A podcast by Mullingar matchmaker Mairéad Loughman has been shortlisted for the first ever Irish Podcast Awards.

Ms Loughman is a professional matchmaker and since launching her dating agency in 2016, she has successfully matched over 7,000 people.

Her podcast, Would Like To Meet, has been nominated for the Best Sex and Relationship Podcast at the awards that will take place in Dublin on Friday September 16.

Other nominated podcasts in the category include Daters Gonna Date, The Love Life and Dating Games.

Ms Loughman started her podcast during the first Covid lockdown in 2020.

She wanted to create a space that would lift the spirits of her clients during the harsh restrictions because she felt dating was extra tough during that time.

“I started the podcast for my clients, to keep their morale high. There were so many people stuck at home feeling very isolated and down about dating.”

Mairéad at her podcast studio.

The podcast aims to help men and women embrace their single life, ensure positive dating experiences and most of all, it helps them find long-term lasting relationships.

Ms Loughman said: “In 2022 alone, we have 24 couples getting married and nine having babies. It's incredible. I love seeing the invitations coming in, it makes me so happy.

“I travel across the country and meet every single one of my clients before I start the match making process. It's very special to see so many of them getting married and being happy.”

When the first episode of the podcast was released two years ago, the traction was so high that it climbed straight to the top of the charts.

The final podcast nominees were revealed on Tuesday July 26 and Mairéad was understandably, very eager to see the list.

She said: “It’s great to get some recognition for such hard work. It's difficult running a business and the podcast at the same time because you want to do the best for both.

“The people organising the awards sent me an email yesterday to tell me to keep an eye out for the announcement and so I was online throughout the day.

“I thought only three podcasts were shortlisted per category and when I saw the first three in my category, I was sure I didn't make it.

“Next thing I saw Would Like To Meet and I was delighted. It will be a great night out in Dublin.”

On the podcast, Ms Loughman along with her expert guests discuss some of the most important topics when single, dating or starting a new relationship.

“We speak about things people worry about when single. For example, I had Eoin McGee from RTE's, How to be Good with Money discussing how to get a mortgage when you're single.”

Other guests include Helena Tubridy, a fertility expert who discussed how age affects fertility and egg freezing.

Emily Power Smith, a sexologist who discussed the importance of being open and honest when embarking on sex with a new partner and Mark Fennell who spoke about how confidence and mindset can help with your dating journey.

The Would Like To Meet podcast is available to listen to on all podcast streaming platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.