Inglot team welcoming the first customers into the shop.

Makeup madness in Mullingar over the weekend

Inglot Ireland launched their new pop-up sale shop on Saturday July 30 at the Harbour Place shopping centre Mullingar.

There was great excitement outside the store as more than 100 make up fanatics queued for the grand opening at midday.

The store stocks all of the original Inglot products as well as their Maura Higgins and Jennifer Lopez collection and they’re all at least 50% discounted.

Inglot Ireland are based here in Mullingar and have been in business for just over 13 years now.

The team are very excited for the busy time ahead and are hoping to keep the pop-up shop open for the next three weeks.

Que started outside the store this morning.

Jane Swarbrigg of Inglot Ireland said: “We’ve had loads of help in getting the shop off the ground. The shopping centre have been great and all our neighbouring businesses have too.

“We have staff from our warehouse, teens on work experience, and some local makeup artists getting involved too and they’ve all been a brilliant help.

“It's been such a Mullingar effort, it's crazy but we’re so happy that it's finally open.”

The Inglot team said that the store opening has added to the excitement in the town during this year’s fleadh celebrations.

Jane said: “We had to do something to coincide with the fleadh. We’re so excited to meet everyone coming in from the festival during the week, it’s going to be great.”

Ursula Windsor, Sandra Eades, Jane Swarbrigg and Leah Mc Cahey ready for the crowds.
Makeup stands in the store.