WATCH: The Westmeath Examiner's Fleadh highlights

Everyday of the fleadh, the Westmeath Examiner's journalists took to the streets of Mullingar to record footage to give people a flavour of the magic atmosphere and large crowds.

One thing is for sure, the 2022 Fleadh Cheoil will live long in the memory of the people of Mullingar and the hundreds of thousands of people who visited the town for the festival.

Day 1: The sun shone and Mullingar welcomed one of the largest attendances at the opening day of a fleadh.

Day 2: While it rained heavily in the evening and was a good deal quieter than the day before, there was still plenty to see and do around the town on day two.

Day 3: The sun reappeared and so did the crowds.

Day 4: The streets of Mullingar were lively in the early part of the day, but the return of the rain brought much of the fun inside.

Day 5: There was a marked increase in the number of visitors and street sessions. The craic was mighty!

Day 6: Over 130,000 people are estimated to have packed into the centre of Mullingar on Friday evening.

Day 7: Huge crowds and huge fun on the streets of Mullingar.

Day 8: The final day was a fitting way to end what many seasoned observers are calling one of best fleadhs ever. Roll on 2023 (fingers crossed)!