Jeannette Campbell, Rhoda O Dare, Frank Durkan pictured at the event.

Purple Raven Art host an evening of peace, unity and love

Purple Raven Art hosted one of their most memorable events promoting global peace through art and music on Saturday August 13 in Crowenstown, Delvin.

Hazel Revington-Cross exhibited a collection of pieces made from recycled toy soldiers spelling words and images associated with unity, peace and love.

She explained that her intention were to create a new way of viewing the toys because in reality, those soldiers are people who battle against each other.

Hazel spoke about the division that is taking place all over the world right now and encouraged people to be patient and kind to one another and to stand together in unity.

Caroline Cheevers and Alecksandara Nowosielska. Photo by Picasa

She said: “It is clear that we all genuinely want the divide among humanity to end.

“May we have peace in the north, may we have peace in the south, may we have peace in the west, may we have peace in the east, may we have peace throughout the whole world.”

These words were repeated in English, Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Danish, Japanese, Ukrainian and Afrikaans.

Actress Mary McEvoy recited a poem afterwards in keeping with the theme.

Mary McEvoy & Hazel Revington-Cross. Photo by Picasa

Music and laughter filled the air as many people hugged and reunited after a couple of years being isolated.

Dotted throughout the crowd were some very creative outfits with the words unity, peace and love on them.

Artist Jonathan Von Baumann known for his fashion design skills turned what started out as very humble t-shirts into pieces worthy of the catwalk.

Hazel would like to thank everyone for making the night so special.

Unity, peace and love jacket. Photo by Picasa
Katie Boland, Kyle Cross, Hans Den Ranmaker, Craig Scott. Photo by Picasa