Bikers Ride Out For Prems in Mullingar next weekend

The Bikers Ride Out For Prems group are on a charity tour of the country and will be at the hospital in Mullingar on Sunday September 4.

Their event, ‘Ride Out 2022’, is taking place from September 1 to September 4.

There will be approx 24 bikes, a support car and a support van carrying medical equipment being delivered around Ireland.


Day 1

Dublin; Drogheda; Cavan; Enniskillen; Human Milk Bank, Letterkenny

Day 2

Letterkenny; Sligo; Galway

Day 3

Galway; Limerick; Cork

Day 4

Cork; Waterford; Portlaoise; Mullingar (time to be confirmed)

You can find out more at on and on Facebook.

The last ride out in 2019, delivering a breast pump worth €2500.
The last ride out in 2019, delivering a breast pump worth €2500.

Additional information

Bikers Ride Out For Prems is made up from members of a Motorcycle Club called Blue Daos Ireland. They use their own time and effort to raise money to purchase medical equipment for irish neonatal units and hospitals for sick children in ireland.

You may ask why they do what they do and, in short, some of the members have been touched by a premature birth or a sick child or knows someone who has.

They work hard all year round to help better our hospitals and visit sick children to help put smiles on their faces or make wishes come true.

They are completely non-profit and all funds raised go toward the NICUs and hospitals for sick children.

They are not affiliated with Irish Premature Babies or any other charity.

Their charity number is: 20143671