Artists Beata Piekarska-Daly and Trudi van der Elsen, guest speaker, Manchan Mangan, and artist Myra Jago at Luan Gallery.

Luan Gallery hosts Manchán Magan ‘in conversation'

On Wednesday September 14 Luan Gallery hosted the event ‘In conversation with Manchán Magan’.

Three of the current exhibition artists in the ongoing exhibition, ‘Breaking Borders’, Beata Piekarska-Daly, Trudi van der Elsen and Myra Jago took part in the event.

Manchán Magan, the writer and documentary-maker, has written books on his travels in Africa, India and South America.

He writes for The Irish Times, reports on travel for various radio programmes, and has presented dozens of documentaries on issues of world culture for TG4, RTÉ and the Travel Channel.

Manchán engaged the artists in a range of topics covering their art practice, the notion of borders and boundaries in their works, the role of art in the digital age and a changing society, among other related topics.

Guest speaker Manchán Magan at Luan Gallery.