Artist Mary Ahearne.

'Perception' a tale of life experience through colour and canvas

'Perception' is an upcoming art exhibition of previously unseen work by artist Mary Ahearne coming to The Atrium at Council buildings.

The official opening will be performed by Westmeath Arts Officer Miriam Mulrennan on Tuesday November 8 at 5.30pm

Mary Ahearne is a local artist and as a mature student she gained a QQI Level 8 degree in fine art. She has exhibited work in different mediums across the county. Recently she has been working on a series of paintings exploring the process, allowing her to communicate her thoughts and ideas.

“My paintings are a reflection of who I am and how I have grown as a person through life experience. My work can be influenced by the people around me, past or present. It can also be a consideration of the happenings in the world. The work tells a story of heartbreak, understanding and love," she explains.

"The colours I use, the tones of the human energy field, what does it look like? If I could perceive through sight as I do in mind, this is the basis for any colour used within my work. In my mind, they reflect a person or a particular circumstance that has come to my attention giving me that urge to put it on a canvas.

"An Angel is a form I use to depict the unseen energy of one's life. This can be interpreted as the alternative healing we used to look after our mental health and well-being.”

'Perception' will be on display to the public from Tuesday November 8 to Friday November 18.