Minister Peter Burke in Strasbourg.

Burke represented Ireland in Council of Europe

Minister Peter Burke represented Ireland in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France. The Congress of Regional and Local Authorities was taking place, and European leaders involved in local government convened to discuss pressing issues.

Under discussion was the crisis in Ukraine, which local authorities have a leading role in dealing with in their areas. Local authorities in Ireland will soon launch a new call for accommodation and take over the management of properties pledged.

“It was important for me to raise the concerns of the Irish delegation in front of the congress and debate the various issues that have to be ironed out in the collective response to the war in Ukraine,” said Minister Burke.

“It was great to meet leaders from other EU countries and hear how different responses to the war are being rolled out.

"It is undoubtedly a challenge to accommodate such a large number of people fleeing the war, and it’s clear that our efforts are being ramped up again to meet the rising demand since further bombs have gone off in Kiev in recent weeks.”