The full cast at St Joseph's Secondary School, Rochfortbridge, getting in the form for School of Rock.

St Joseph’s transform into ‘School of Rock’

The students at St Joseph’s Secondary School in Rochfortbridge are looking forward to showing what they can do on stage at the end of this month.

They are in rehearsal for School of Rock, which they will perform at Mullingar Arts Centre on Thursday November 24, Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th (7.30pm each evening).

The show is based on the movie of the same name and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s vibrant adaptation of it.

It follows Dewey Finn – played by Tiernan Foy – as he transforms from a washed up wannabe to a rock star.

Along the way Dewey encounters Rosalie Mullins (Alanna Looby), principal of a private Ivy League High school, and Horace Green, who is the only obstacle in creating the ultimate rock band.

Along his rocky road to stardom, Dewey pose as his best friend Ned Schneebly – played by Ciarán O’Donnell.

The class encounter the soul of rock ‘n’ roll and become musically liberated rockstars as they leave their timetabled-structured lives behind.

The once-stern principal, Ms Mullins, also rediscovers her love of rock, and shakes the cobwebs off her heart!

This is the first all school production at St Joseph’s since Honk.

The full student body, from first year to sixth year, and the directing staff, Yvonne Muldoon, Karen Stenson, Shane Gerety, Daniel Keane and Aine O’Connor are delighted to present School of Rock, so book your tickets here, then sit tight and relish the atmosphere of raucous rock!

Blaithin Stenson and Ellen Ward.
Ronan Moran, Ashton Mc Farland and Ryan Shanley.
JP McCarney.
Kyle Daly.
Tara Larkin and Oscar Swanson.
Andrea Coleman and Dawn O'Looney.