Santa at Loughcrew for ‘incredible lightshow’

This year Santa is coming to Loughcrew to take part in an incredible lightshow where he joins the Celtic legends to offer an unforgettable adventure.

Santa will be there with his winter hut, deep in the enchanted woodlands, welcoming guests beside a warm firepit, and with marshmallows.

Loughcrew’s Enchanted Garden is a visual spectacle that brings Ireland’s Celtic mythological past to life through light, sound and sustainable installation.

The show embraces all four of Ireland’s mythological cycles as the visitor passes gods, heroes, villains and magic.

The stories are presented through massive projections, interactive installations, dynamic artwork, shadow and sound – great for inquisitive minds, school groups and young audiences.

All the sustainable installations are made from reused, recycled or reinterpreted materials (metal cans, plastic bottles, CDs, furniture).

The narrative of seasonal change is reflected through the materials used, tying the importance of sustainability into how the stories are told.

The Enchanted Garden’s Celtic Myth and Legend themed lightshow takes place in Loughcrew’s historic gardens, at the foot of the Loughcrew Cairns, the seat of the witch (Cailleach), an important location in the Boyne Valley that appears in many legendary tales.

The lightshow was born during Covid as a way to open the space up during the winter months while helping the business to survive.

Since then, the paths have been expanded to ensure there is access for all across the landscape gardens, rich woodlands and water features.

There is something for all ages, whether they are looking for something to delight the senses, an experience to learn about the mystical past or just to create memories with loved ones.

Celtic narrative

The Celtic narrative centres on Ireland’s mythological past and has Scottish (Alba), Manx and Welsh influences.

The greatest Irish heroes were not restricted to Ireland’s shores alone and neither were their gods.

Based on an oral history, each narrative has many depictions and the lightshow looks at educating visitors on the diversity of this history through mystical scenery and imagination.

The story will be told through an interpretation of the installations and projections with signs and audio.

“Our goal is to make everyone feel like a child in wonder again, and do so alongside a commitment to renewability.”

Loughcrew Estate