Christmas Q&A - Flynn

What are your favourite Christmas film and song?

Home Alone and Fairytale of New York.

Who cooks Christmas dinner in your house? What’s your favourite part?

Mam does the dinner most years, with a bit of help from the rest of us. She does it best though, if I’m honest!

Favourite part would have to be desert, I usually eat my body weight in trifle…

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

Not really, it’s your standard Christmas. Lots of food, some drinks and all the family get together.

The guitar usually makes an appearance by the end of the day and we sing a few tunes.

What’s your best Christmas memory?

I’ll never forget the year I woke up to a Nintendo 64 under the tree as a kid. It will be difficult to top that day!

How do you spend Christmas afternoon?

Usually binge-watching some old Christmas films on the couch.

Are you an organised shopper or a Christmas Eve one?

Definitely not an organised one… you’ll usually find me running around the town panicking to pick up the last few presents at the last minute!

• Flynn’s new single, ‘Older’, is out early next year, along with the release of a feature track with German DJ Alle Farben in January.

Flynn co-wrote Meduza’s latest hit single, ‘Bad Memories’, which has been awarded gold in numerous countries around the world.