Gardaí arrest motorist four times over legal alcohol limit in Mullingar

Gardaí are being complimented online after arresting a motorist in Mullingar who was four times over the legal alcohol limit.

An Garda Síochána revealed on Tuesday that the Delvin Roads Policing Unit stopped a vehicle in Mullingar Town that was driving erratically.

"The driver was discovered to be four times over the legal limit and was heavily intoxicated," the force revealed on Twitter.

The motorist was charged and faces the prospect of being banned from driving for three years.

In response to the post, one commenter stated: "drunk driving should be treated as a serious offence not like a misdemeanor. but thx for getting this guy of the road."

Said another: "There should be custodial sentences for someone that much over the limit."

The view of one poster was that the detection "...just proves that there are people out there who don't a crap about the law and a driving ban to this motorist probably wont matter to them either, they will drive away".

Commented another: "Hopefully the driver is banned for a long time" while a final comment also indicated approval of the garda success: "The more you catch the better, safer for everyone on the road".