The roundabout at the junction of the Ardmore Road and the Dublin Road in Mullingar.

Junction for Ardmore Road to be improved

Additional speed ramps are to be provided at the Ardmore Road, Mullingar, plus, a safer junction at the Dublin Road end is being designed and the possibility of widening the road near the school is being examined, members of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad were told at their December meeting.

Cllr Andrew Duncan called for action to stop heavy goods vehicles using the Ardmore Road as a shortcut to the industrial estate at Clonmore. More money has gone into the Ardmore Road than any other part of the town, but that is an issue, he said.

Cllr Mick Dollard has been listening to complaints about HGVs using Ardmore Road "for 15 or 20 years". This was "a dust track" with "one public light," but has seen huge investment with more to come as a lot of houses are to be built there, he said.

Cllr Denis Leonard said that connecting the Joe Dolan Bridge to the Clonmore industrial zone would ease the HGV traffic on Ardmore Road. He was told that progress on that project is expected to be achieved in the new year.

Cllr Aoife Davitt worried that the Ardmore Road was too narrow to allow buses and lorries to use it without the risk of children or other pedestrians being struck by their wing mirrors.

Pat Kavanagh, district engineer, said there were weight restrictions on the bridge at Ardmore Road, but they were hard to police. He said the road has been widened and has a cycle path and two footpaths, but he agreed that there is a narrow area near the school. Positive engagement with the landowner and Active Travel have taken place. A safer junction at the Dublin Road end is also at the design stage.

"It will all fall into place in the coming weeks," Mr Kavanagh assured the members.