Annemarie, Seamus, Berty, Vincent and David Dunne at the Christmas party.

Annebrook staff enjoy their Christmas social outing

Over the Christmas party weeks, the staff of The Annebrook House Hotel were busy making the season special for others, but on Sunday night, it was finally their own turn to celebrate the end of another year.

Together with hotel proprietor Berty Dunne, the staff decamped to The Crossed Keys on Austin Friars Street, where they enjoyed the chance to mix and mingle and chat without having to attend to the needs of others.

“We had a great night in the Cross Keys,” said Berty.

“Because we are a hotel, obviously we had to have our party in January.

“We have had a brilliant night out: brilliant staff; Paulie Martin played music; it was a brilliant night.”

Berty revealed that all had been greatly looking forward to the evening: “It's just great to be partying again. it's our first party since 2019. We have all our staff. It's a reflection of the whole hotel and how they all work together and get on together.”

Ally Griffith and Leah Lambden on Sunday night.
Katie Wilkie and Angela Moroza at the Crossed Keys.
Keith McLoughlin and Andrie Antal on Sunday.
Mary Cahill and Mike Nagle from the Annebrook House Hotel.
Alexandra Jukevc, George Dacini and Aoife Reynolds on Sunday.
Teagan Keegan, Sophie McNamee, Vlad Gadriliga and and James Doherty at their Christmas party.
Max Gunning, OIsin Garry, Ciaran O'Keeffe and Liam Shaw at Sunday's party.
Sean McKeown and John McGarry at the Crossed Keys.
LIam Buckley, Clancy Nolan and Victoria Moroza on Sunday evening.
Kryssy Dunne Wright, Orla Donegan and Martin Doherty at the Annebrook staff party.
Annemarie, Seamus, Berty, Vincent and David Dunne at the Christmas party.
Paulie Martin entertained the Annebrook staff on Sunday.