Illegally dumped rubbish at Coolnagun bog.

Walker finds name and address in illegal dump

A member of the public who found a document with the personal details of someone with an address in The Downs contained in the middle of a large load of rubbish illegally dumped in a north Westmeath bog says that she will forward the information to the authorities unless the material is removed.

The north Westmeath resident, who asked that her name not be published, was walking in Coolnagun Bog last week when she came across a large amount of what she described as predominantly building waste in an isolated area just off the Coole Multyfarnham road, a short distance from a section of the River Inny that is popular with fishermen.

Due to its isolated location, she says that rubbish has been illegally dumped in that are of Coolnagun on a number of occasions in recent years.

“Fly tippers are going in there and you are getting big builders bags of rubbish being dumped. Four years ago there were about 100 tyres dumped down by the river – and they are still there.

“The other day there was a new pile of rubbish, building rubbish. There are lots of empty tubes of sealant, bags that insulation came in, old tiles and bits of concrete. It is a big pile of rubbish.”

In the most recent load of illegally dumped rubbish in the bog, the person found a passport application form with the name and address of someone that appears to be resident in The Downs.

“It was a form to get an Irish passport. It has the name, address, telephone number and PPS number on it.”

While the member of the public who found the document contacted the council, she didn’t give them the details of the person who filled out the document.

It is unclear who dumped the waste, but she says that she wants to give the person who dumped it the opportunity to clean up the mess before she gets the authorities involved.

“What I really want is the person who dumped the rubbish to come and collect it. If they collect it, nothing will be done, but if they don’t collect it, further action will be taken.”