Lorraine Murphy, president of Mullingar Toastmasters, with Rania Connell from Loreto College, guest speaker at the last meeting.

Toastmasters hear from Loreto student on ‘Partnership and Empowerment of Women’

Mayor of Mullingar to be guest speaker at Toastmasters open night

Mullingar Toastmasters host their open night this week, and, as the name suggests, everyone is welcome.

Their special guest for the evening is the mayor of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad, Cllr Hazel Smyth, Green Party.

The usual range of speakers from the club will be there too, on what promises to be an entertaining evening for all who attend.

The last guest speaker at the club was Rania Connell from Loreto College, who was there representing the Mullingar Soroptimists with her speech ‘Partnership and Empowerment of Women’.

If you would like to know what happens at a regular Toastmasters meeting, read on.

On Thursday January 12, members had the undisputed best meeting of the year (it was their first meeting of 2023).

Joan Heduan, Toastmaster of the night, chose a theme of creating lasting habits. Fáilte officer for the evening was the newest member, Niamh Tubridy, who welcomed more than 20 members and six guests.

Grammarian Mary Frances Cox chose ‘transient’ as the word of the night and entertained with her usual wit and joy.

On the clock was Jacqui Wiley, who joined the club in November and has taken a role at every meeting since, always with her great humour and a kind word for everyone.

Lorraine Murphy, president of Mullingar Toastmasters, with Rania Connell from Loreto College, guest speaker at the last meeting.

The first speaker was Rania Connell, who delivered a powerful speech, impressing with her eloquence and knowledge.

Accompanied by her teacher Olga Cosgrave, and Sarah McCormack from the local Soroptimists, Rania highlighted the importance of partnership and collaboration in empowering women and creating a more equal society.

She provided compelling examples and insights, and her message resonated with the audience, leaving everyone with a call to action – ‘we have a duty to take action for those who can’t’.

In evaluating, John Waldron congratulated Rania on her delivery and content and predicted that she will go on to do great things in the future.

“The very best of luck in the next stage of the Soroptimists competition Rania, we are all behind you,” he said.

Next to speak was new club member John Coyne, with an assured and interesting delivery about unsung heroes, specifically George Boole, the creator of Boolean algebra.

There was nobody switching off for that excellent speech – pardon the pun, George.

John said that there is a library in UCC named after him and blew minds with his transistor facts.

Damien Rooney evaluated John’s speech and in doing so complemented him on a well crafted, well delivered and well thought out speech.

The third and final speech of the evening was by the club secretary Derek Walsh.

Less stress, more success was the them and Derek shared tips and tricks to combat and manage stress in our fast-paced world.

Evaluator Tony Viney praised Derek for delivering a useful and high-quality speech.

Topics were supplied by Pauline McCabe, who always entertains.

Willing guests and members were called upon to speak on the spot.

The rule on topics is you only speak if you want to, but it’s always great fun to try.

In summing up the evening, general evaluator Linda Gavagan declared it the best of the year and, technically she was right, as it was the first meeting of 2023.

Can they make the next meeting better? Come along to our open night and find out.

Open night

Thursday January 26, 8pm upstairs in The Greville Arms Hotel (free admission).

Contact mullingartoastmasters@gmail.com to book your seat; find them on Facebook or visit mullingartoastmasters.org.