A motorised bar stool in the midlands in 1988

RTÉ Archives footage has shown an Offaly man's invention of a motorised bar stool in Walsh Island in March 1988.

Reporter Eamonn Ó Muirí is seen sitting on the bar stool and making his way to a bar in the village before talking the inventor of the motorised bar stool Noel Duffy.

Noel Duffy explained that he was discussing with his friends about what it would be possible to put an engine into.

Noel stated: "I said it was possible to put an engine into anything. I reckon it would do about 35 miles an hour but I wouldn't like to be sitting on it at the time."

He added that it took just 14 pence worth of petrol to fill the engine.

The reporter said that the mobile bar stool was “guaranteed to drive you to drink" and described it as "a gift for the drinker who has everything."