Cullivan's 'The Murder of Wolfe Tone' in Mullingar Arts Centre

The Murder of Wolfe Tone comes to the Mullingar Arts Centre on Saturday February 11, on the 225th anniversary of the 1798 rebellion and Tone’s death.

Entertainer Paddy Cullivan, known for leading the Camembert Quartet, formerly the Late Late Show Band, turned historian brings the incredible story of the mysterious death of Theobald Wolfe Tone, the founding father of Irish Republicanism.

With an audio-visual spectacular featuring hundreds of images, new research and incredible songs, Paddy dares to unravel the secrets and lies around what happened that fateful week in the Provost’s Prison in November 1798.

“The reaction to the online show was hugely favourable but there has also been controversy from establishment circles who have huddled around the ‘official story’, ignoring my brand-new research that proves there’s more than meets the eye to Tone’s death,” says Cullivan.

“Was Wolfe Tone’s real father the Chief Justice of Ireland, the man who tried to save him twice? Was his trial illegal, and had he a real chance of reprieve? If he lived for eight days after his ‘suicide’ attempt, why was no one allowed to visit him? Were his last letters and statements forgeries and lies? Did his surgeon later admit it was murder? And where’s the infamous ‘razor’? Why is there such reticence from certain quarters – to this day – to find out the truth?”

The Murder of Wolfe Tone is a fascinating rollercoaster ride that will change your perceptions of Irish history forever.