Housing and kitchen units built for poor people in Tanzania using funds generated in Mullingar.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes to host fundraising table quiz

The Tanzanian Heavenly Homes charity are hosting a table quiz at The Greville Arms Hotel on Friday February 24 at 8pm.

The entry is €40 per table, and there are loads of great prizes to be won.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes was founded in Mullingar by John McCauley, Gerry and Mary Gillen and Anne Egerton after John returned from a photography trip to Africa.

Initially, and for the first five years, the group concentrated on an orphanage where John had witnessed extremely bad living conditions.

Thanks to the generous people in Mullingar and surrounding areas, that orphanage is now self sufficient.

The charity has always kept in mind the poor, old and destitute, and they have now turned their full attention to the elders who live in Mto Wa mBo.

They are poor people who live mostly in mud huts with no water, no electricity or basic facilities.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes have already completed six double units or little houses (painted white) consisting of one bedroom, a room with a toilet and hand basin and a place to cook outside.

Each house costs €4,000, which includes labour, materials and solar panels.

Each unit houses two people.

If you are in a position to donate to Tanzanian Heavenly Homes, they ask that you give just €3 a month (the price of a cup of tea/coffee) to help them continue to build more homes for the very poor and destitute in Tanzania.

If you wish to speak to John about a donation or setting up a direct debit of just €3 a month, call 087 615 7349.

John, Gerry, Mary, Anne and the rest of the volunteers take this opportunity to thank everyone most sincerely for the continued support, because without the help and generosity of people here in Mullingar, they would not be able to continue building homes.

They guarantee that every euro donated goes directly to the projects and that when they travel as volunteers to Tanzania, they pay 100% of the cost of their flights and accommodation.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes calendars are on sale at Rochforts Superstore, Dominick Street, Mullingar, for €10.