The Money Clinic booth, which is coming to Athlone this Thursday, and financial planner Eoin McGee.

'Money Clinic' TV crew to film in Athlone this Thursday

A television series which answers questions from the public about financial matters will be filming on the TUS Athlone campus throughout the day this Thursday (February 23).

The Money Clinic, as seen on RTÉ One, is fronted by financial guru and TV presenter Eoin McGee, who previously hosted the How To Be Good With Money series.

On Thursday, a Money Clinic booth will be in place at the TUS Students' Union headquarters, in the local campus's John Count McCormack building. The booth will be set up from around 8am on Thursday.

Staff, students, and the general public are invited to drop into the clinic and record their financial question, which Mr McGee will then answer either through a video clip or a voice note.

A few examples of the types of questions people might want answered include: What will it cost to switch mortgage provider? Is Revolut an actual bank? How can I improve my credit rating? Should I invest in crypto? and How do I choose the best car financing option?

The Money Clinic is sponsored by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), and the series is produced by the IndiePics video agency.

In addition to the event in Athlone, the series has been filming in Dublin and Waterford, and has another event planned in Sligo on Saturday.