The path between Daly's Filling Station and Fox's Fruit n Veg is extremely narrow.

Glynn wants proper path between Daly's and Fox's

Pleas to have a pedestrian crossing installed near O’Brien’s Centra and to have a proper footpath laid between Fox’s shop and Daly’s Filling Station were made by Cllr Ken Glynn at the February meeting of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad.

The official written response from the district staff to Cllr Glynn’s request stated that the suggestions could be considered in the context of the 2023 estimates.

Pressing his case, Cllr Glynn said the locations in question are all busy: "And the problem is – what I’m hearing more and more – to get across that road is quite dangerous."

Cllr Glynn went on to say that on the stretch between Daly’s and Fox’s, he has regularly seen people with buggies having to walk on the road because of motorists parking on the only available footpaths.

"It’s hugely important," he said, adding that while he knew the cost would be significant, safety features were required at that location.

Support for Cllr Glynn’s motion came from Cllr Emily Wallace, Cllr Bill Collentine and from the mayor, Cllr Hazel Smyth.

District engineer Pat Kavanagh stated that the district officials had sought funding for a footbridge near Fox’s. "We won’t stop trying," he said before going on to indicate that he was also positively disposed to the suggestion that a pedestrian crossing be installed near O’Brien’s.


At the same meeting, Cllr Glynn asked that a section of path in Greenpark Meadows previously damaged be restored. To that, the reply was that repairs have been carried out, and that further repairs can be considered subject to funding.


Cllr Glynn also asked that the district alleviate flooding which occurs on wet days at the Junction exiting Green Road/ St Brigid’s Terrace on to the main road close to Hughes Eurospar. A further flooding issue was also raised with officials by Cllr Glynn: at a junction in Mullingar Business Park between Mullingar Hardware and the roundabout near Mullingar Fire Station.

To both the responses were that the matter will be investigated, and remedial works carried out if necessary.