Nature photographer concerned about use of drone at Lough Ennell

John McCauley is one of many photographers who have been enjoying the nightly scenes of the starling murmurations at Lough Ennell this week.

John and his camera are regulars on the shores of the lake, in all seasons and in all weathers, and he is always respectful in how he takes his images of the local wildlife.

So when he saw a drone flying about the reed beds at Lough Ennell last night, he was concerned.

John said: “I have been watching this over a number of years, and a lot of families do the same – but this could be all lost because of a person using a drone and going very close to the birds with it.

“A peregrine falcon hunts through the flocks of starlings, causing them to make those shapes – and they are a wonderful sight to see.

“But now, I’m afraid if people continue to use a drone, it could cause the starlings to leave Lough Ennell.

“Also, the peregrine falcon is a protected bird, so it’s against the law to interfere with its hunting habits.

“So I would ask the drone owner who is doing this to please stop.”

John has reported what he witnessed to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

"Murmuration on Lough Ennell on Thursday evening; three quarters way up on the right, there is a peregrine falcon hunting, and this why the starlings make these shapes - to protect themselves." Photo by JOHN_MC_CAULEY