John McCauley with Grace Gunning and Ciara Doran at the Tanzanian Heavenly Homes in the Greville Arms.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes launch Paddy’s Providing Pastures fundraiser

If you would like your name on a plot of land in Tanzania, Paddy’s Providing Pastures can help. It is a fundraising initiative run by Tanzanian Heavenly Homes to raise €20,000 to buy five acres of farmland to help feed the elderly in their care in Mto Wa Mbu, Tanzania.

Keri Shaughnessy from Kilbeggan, who is spearheading the initiative, explained that the €20,000 will cover the cost of buying the five acres, securely fencing it and preparing and planting it with vegetable seeds. “We are looking for 20 people, groups, schools, clubs or businesses to raise and donate €1,000 each to go towards Paddy’s Providing Pastures. Each €1,000 donor will then name the quarter-acre plot that their money has bought, and we will have a sign erected in that plot,” Keri said.

Anyone interested in organising a fundraiser for Paddy’s Providing Pastures is asked to get in touch with Tanzanian Heavenly Homes and they will be happy to attend your fundraiser.

They will talk about the charity, bring pictures from previous trips to Tanzania and answer any questions you might have.

Full details and a video explaining the fundraiser are available on

If you are interested in getting involved you can email or call John McCauley on 087 615 7349.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes is a charity setup and run by John McCauley, a photographer from Mullingar.

He and his team travel to Tanzania every year to help the forgotten elders and the poor of Mto Wa Mbu.

They provide these people with shelter, water, food and clothing. 100% of all donations given to the charity go towards helping them. John and the charity’s committee work on a totally voluntary basis and travel to Tanzania at their own expense.

The accompanying photos were taken at a fundraising table quiz hosted by Tanzanian Heavenly Homes in The Greville Arms Hotel on Friday February 24.

John McCauley with Grace Gunning and Ciara Doran.
Michael Duffy was the quizmaster.
Assumpta Duffy, Ruth Duffy, Kris Foster, Siobhan O'Flaherty and Anne Egerton looked after the scores.
Martin Nally, Pauline Nally, Anne O'Rourke and Andrew O'Rourke from Mullingar.
Keri and Belinda Shaughnessy announced the details of Paddy's Pastures on Friday.
Jean Egan, Nimh Nally and Tomás Nally at Friday's quiz night.
Rebecca Daly, Katie Conlon and Rozlyn Daly at the Greville Arms Hotel.
Orla Morrissey, Carmel Lally, Michael Wallace and Martha Deglin at the fundraiser.
Sarah Whelan and Cepta Wallace took part in the quiz.
Declan and Mary Leonard at the table quiz.
Edel Glennon and Mary Ahearn helped with the quiz.
Cian Colgan and Orla Wallace at John's table quiz.