TUS twins with Ukrainian university

The Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) and Ukraine's OM Beketov National University in Kharkiv have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will see the now twined universities establish a long-term partnership.

Representatives of Beketov National University visited the TUS this week for the signing of the MoU by TUS President Professor Vincent Cunnane and virtually by Prof Volodymyr Babayev, president of OM Beketov National University.

Representatives of Beketov National University are spending this week in Ireland visiting TUS campuses in Athlone and Limerick, as well as places of interest in the regions.

The initial focus of the partnership will be on identifying how TUS can support Beketov National University in concrete ways during the current crisis by providing added resources and skills.

Following this, phase two will provide a framework for both institutions to work together on the development of the partnership and a range of collaborative academic activities.

The partnership will see TUS provide support such as the opening up of research groups to Beketov National University research partners, provision of equipment, hosting of summer schools, as well as the development of collaborative academic and research projects and visiting scholar initiatives.

Speaking at the MoU signing, Professor Vincent Cunnane said: “Today’s signing solidifies the work undertaken by both universities to build a long-term relationship, the initial focus of which will be on identifying ways TUS can continue to support our colleagues and the students of OM Beketov National University during the current Russian aggression. It also outlines how this partnership will progress to provide a framework for further academic collaborations. TUS is also introducing Beketov University as an associate partner of our European university alliance - RUN EU.”

Prof Volodymyr Babayev, president of OM Beketov National Universit, added: “We highly appreciate all the assistance TUS is offering us under these harsh circumstances. Beketov University is the most damaged one in Kharkiv amidst the ongoing hostilities, Russian shelling and missile attacks. Despite all these misfortunes, the university continues its educational and research activities, and keep all our commitments on international projects. The major focus for us now is the reconstruction and further development of Beketov University. We are committed to cooperation within the European framework and will take all the efforts to make our cooperation with TUS efficient, against all odds.”

Om Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv has a student population of over 8,000, with 2,500 more students attending the university’s colleges. The duration of the MoU is for a period of five years.