Westmeath Arts Office invite children to get involved in Crinniú na nÓg 2023

Westmeath Arts Office are inviting children and young people to get involved in Crinniú na nÓg 2023.

Crinniú na nÓg – on Saturday 10 June – is a national day of free creativity for children and young people in Ireland, and the local arts office invite local youth to participate and share their ideas for creative events.

Last year there was a day bursting with activity, and workshops for young people included clay making, dance, collage, ukulele, sensory music making and others.

Young people in Westmeath can contribute to the programme of activities by filling out a short survey (themselves or with a parent or guardian).

The survey is on the Westmeath Culture website here.

Westmeath arts officer Miriam Mulrennan said: “Westmeath as a county is rich in creativity and culture, and as we enter a new five-year Creative Ireland strategy, it is our goal to support children and young people to engage with creativity in their areas.

“We want to empower children and young people through creative and cultural processes to realise their potential, by prioritising their voices – we want Westmeath youth to play a central role in contributing ideas for creative activities to take place on Crinniú na nÓg.”

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