WATCH: Protestors blocking asylum seekers from entering Columb Barracks

Protestors are preventing a bus containing international protection applicants from entering Columb Barracks.

For the past two hours around 50 protestors have blocked the gates at the barracks in a bid to prevent the bus-load of asylum seekers from gaining entry to the site.

One bus managed to gained entry at around 11.30am. However, the second vehicle, which arrived at around 1.30pm, has been prevented from entering by the crowd of protestors.

It is believed that some of the protestors chained the gates of the barracks, which was subsequently removed by gardaí.

Last month the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth have confirmed that around 15 tents would be erected at the barracks to accommodate 120 single male asylum seekers seeking International Protection.

Protestors outside the gates.
Protestors standing in front of the bus.