‘Our Home is Your Home’

Bethany House, a beautiful purpose built nursing home ideally situated in the scenic village of Tyrrellspass.

Bethany House is a state of the art 90 bed HIQA registered nursing home. It has been at the heart of the Westmeath Community since 2006 delivering the highest standards of person-centred care in a homely and safe environment. In 2017 the nursing home opened a stunning 26 bed extension making it one of the most modern nursing home facilities in Ireland.

In October 2022 Bethany House changed ownership and became the newest member of the Beechfield Care Group family of nursing homes. Beechfield Care Group, was originally set up in the 1980s in response to the founder’s need to provide care for his own mother. Beechfield Nursing Homes’ core beliefs are rooted in love and respect for family, making the transition for Bethany House and its residents completely seamless.

We believe that your family is our family too and we are committed to the provision of high standards of care, support and respect for the residents in our home. Central to our ideals in providing exceptional nursing care is the concept of socialisation, both within and outside of the nursing home. With this in mind, we offer an extensive variety of activities as part of the care for our residents programme, ranging from trips to various events, to gardening and arts, all of which are arranged and managed by our dedicated activities team.

At Bethany House you can begin your new chapter in an environment that’s homely, warm and secure. From day one, our mission is to make you comfortable and feel completely at home. Bethany House has a range of accommodation options which include single rooms en-suite, Single rooms, Double rooms en-suite. All rooms have satellite TV and Wifi. All beds are of electric profile standard.

Our care services are wide-ranging and suit the needs of many. We provide the following services: Elderly Care Welcoming a new resident is the start of a new chapter – the start of something rewarding, where they will have specialist care and plenty of company 24 hours a day. Family and friends can visit daily as we know how important it is to see familiar faces.

Convalescent Care Illness and/or surgery can be a significant set back to a person’s everyday life. Our convalescent care service provides residents with the opportunity to be cared for in a relaxed setting, rebuild their strength and prepare them to return to their everyday life. Individuals with Dementia Our care team has an in-depth knowledge and expertise of this illness and there is a strong element of love, compassion and respect for these residents.

Bethany House cares for residents in an environment that improves quality of life while looking after a person’s safety and welfare. Secondary Rehabilitation Bethany House provides a relaxed environment in which to rebuild strength and improve mobility. Personal attention and trained clinical staff will help individuals get back to being their best selves. Respite Care Respite care is as much about the carer as it is about the person being cared for. Caring for a loved one at home can be physically and mentally exhausting. Taking a break from caring is key to being able to carry on caring for your loved one for as long as you possibly can.

Younger Adults with a Disability Living at home with a long term disability can compromise an individual’s quality of life, and that of the carer helping them. We provide short and longer term care, ensuring that the appropriate supports are in place for our residents. Social Interaction Our residents will have an opportunity to meet and socialise with many friends and neighbours that they may not had the opportunity to do previously. Socialising provides an opportunity to network in a normal atmosphere that is conducive to promoting independence and healthy living.

Daily activities programme includes: • Arts & Crafts classes • Keep Fit Classes Golden Movies morning • Afternoon Music Session’s • Monthly pamper day • Hairdressing • Chiropody • Massage Therapy • Coffee Morning outings If you think that you may wish to come to live or stay with at Bethany House, we will sit down with you to carry out an assessment of your wishes. It is important for you to know that we will provide what you need and want in a way that suits you.

To find out more Telephone: 044 922 3391 or Email: info@bethanyhousenursinghome.ie

A welcome message from our director of nursing.

My name is Sinead Kelly, Director of Nursing and I have been working in Bethany House since 2008. Bethany House Nursing Home is committed to the provision of high standards of care, support and respect for the people who are residents in the home. We strive to uphold and promote the autonomy and quality of life for everyone who lives here. Every resident is unique, and we respect and value each individual for who they are. This is our ethos. And one which we live by in the beautiful surrounds of Bethany House Nursing Home. Bethany House Nursing Home is a purpose-built residential home situated in the picturesque village of Tyrellspass just 1km from the M6 and pleasantly located in the heart of the midlands in the Lake county of Westmeath.

The nursing home is adjacent to Tyrellspass Castle and is within walking distance of the local Church, Browne’s on The Green hotel, and other local amenities. Bethany House is set within large garden spaces with two enclosed garden courtyards for residents to enjoy. But what really makes us special is our homely country atmosphere brought to life by our residents, families, staff and our pets which include Ned the donkey, Fred the pony and our many poultry. We really have the most amazing people living and working here, that are truly dedicated to their work.