A photo montage from the planning application that shows what the wind turbines would look like.

Delvin-Raharney-Ballivor Wind Action Group host public meeting this week

A public meeting is taking place this Thursday evening at Ballivor Community Centre to discuss the community response to a proposed windfarm in the area.

Daryl Kennedy, spokesperson for the Delvin-Raharney-Ballivor Wind Action Group, said they have, over the last few weeks, been reviewing the wind farm planning application submitted by Bord na Mona (Powergen) to An Bord Pleanála.

In a statement to the Westmeath Examiner today (Monday), the group said: ‘The size and impact of this proposed windfarm is frightening when we consider the flat open landscape of this area of Westmeath.

‘With 26 turbines of 200m in height (650 feet), this industrial development will dominate the area for up to 30km around until the 2060s. Not only will there be the visual impact during the day, but due to the night red warning lights on top, the impact at night will also be significant.

‘Then take the additional and cumulative impact of the neighbouring Bracklyn windfarm (nine turbines and one wind mast) and the overall impact on the area is huge.

‘We believe this is the wrong location for such an industrial development and it should be placed offshore.

‘Every person living within 30km of these proposed windfarms should spend a bit of time reviewing the planning application on the Bord Pleanála website (Case ref 316212), especially to look at the photomontages from places like Trim Castle, Lough Crew or Lough Owel, and decide if this industrial energy infrastructure is right for this area.

‘To be honest, we’re finding it hard to understand how this will impact positively on climate change, given the enormous environmental impact of the development; for example, more than 89,000 large truck deliveries (stone, concrete, cabling etc) will be required before even the first turbine arrives on site. All of this detail is outlined in the planning application.’

For more information and discussion about the community response to the above proposed windfarm, a public meeting is being hosted this Thursday at Ballivor Community Centre at 7,30pm.

The group hope to raise funds to challenge this development, which they see as being in the wrong location.

Map from the plannign file showing the location of the proposed wind farm.