Celebrating Europe Day at Mullingar Library were Francis Jacobs, Ruth Illingworth, and Jane Massy.

Celebrating Europe Day in Mullingar Library

Mullingar Library was delighted to host the Mullingar European History Reading Group on Tuesday May 9 for a celebration on EU50, marking 50 years of Ireland’s membership of the EU.

Founded by Jane Massy and Ruth Illingworth, the group over the last five years, has been reading and discussing the history of European Union member states.

On Europe Day, they met in Mullingar library to launch their recommended reading list – Understanding our European Family through history.

Fiona Hunt and Terence Bate on Europe Day

Members were encouraged to share their favourite book or speak about the country whose history surprised them.

In addition, guest speaker Francis Jacobs, who is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at University College Dublin, and a Visiting Professor at the Collegio Europeo in Parma, provided a fascinating insight into the European Parliament and the evolving institutions.

Dalia Smelstoriute and Jack O Sullivan in Mullingar Library for Europe Day.

Francis worked for the European Parliament from just before the first direct elections in 1979 until May 2016. He also worked, as a staff member on various European Parliament committees, and as the head of the European Parliament’s Liaison Office in Ireland from 2006-16. His work allowed for a unique perspective on the European Union and how it works.

Copies of the recommended reading list are available in Mullingar Library. New members are welcome to join the group as they now look at exploring other European countries.

Colin Griffiths presenting his favourite book for Europe Day.